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Meet the City and Sea Team



Major Domo

As founder and leader of City and Sea, Mr Danieli coordinates all requested activities on behalf of his clients.


With an extensive background in assessing and fulfilling both domestic and foreign client needs for organizations such as Choose NJ, Frank calls upon his US and international network of contacts to assist in every way possible.

In his spare time, Frank assumes the identity of Batmanuel and lurks on rooftops looking for local crimes to bust.



Events and Entertainment

As Head of Events and Entertainment, Mr Jones helps you host the perfect get-together, whether it is a classic, old-fashioned company picnic, intimate dinner party for 8 or charity bourbon tasting. Every detail is attended to.

With over mumble...mumble...mumble years of experience in the restaurant and entertainment industry as an executive chef, restaurant owner, business consultant, mentor and speaker, Tick puts his team's extensive knowledge to work for you.

When not putting together perfect events, Tick spends his time fighting culinary crimes in the back alleys of the world.



Director of Relationship Management

From corporate and domestic gift giving to personal touches like thank you letters and client specific congratulations notes sent by "snail-mail" ...Ms Liberty and her team help you cultivate and maintain close relationships with clients, colleagues and friends.

With a background as a personal shopper and earthquake specialist for Macy's in Southern California, "Cap" has helped countless clients find that perfect gift and replace priceless, hard-to-find items after disaster strikes.

When not shopping and writing, "Cap" hangs with her superhero friends, looking for citizens in distress.



Relocation Manager

Mr Neumann heads up a team of All-Star relocation specialists that attend to every detail of your move.


From sending notifications to friends, clients and colleagues to packing, moving, unpacking and staging your new place for turn-key move in.  

Al can even arrange to have your favorite meal waiting for you upon your arrival!

In his spare time, Al is an avid reader of classic magazines and spy vs spy short stories.

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