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Unsurpassed Service

City Sea Lifestyle Concierge offers Corporate, Domestic, Event Planning, Leisure, and Personal Services, as well as the accommodation of Special Requests.


Each service is specifically tailored to assist you with your desired, lifestyle management requirements. Whether serving you at home or at work – or for business or pleasure – we custom design programs that turn ideas into realities: with unique and unsurpassed service that extends far beyond your expectations.



City Sea Lifestyle Concierge is dedicated to providing excellence with a wide range of corporate services.


We enhance the professional and the personal lifestyle requirements of individuals on all rungs of the corporate ladder.

We are able to plan and coordinate a wealth of corporate needs, including business administration and financial planning; branding and marketing; corporate identity management and web design; real estate and travel; as well as catering promotional events.

Our goal is to maximize your business’s productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Our specialists make your job easier by planning and coordinating your business and your staff's personal needs so your company achieves optimum productivity.


Whatever your corporate needs, we are your virtual personal assistant.



City Sea Lifestyle Concierge welcomes the opportunity to create an exceptional and customized leisure experience for you.


Our concierge service will assist with all personal and corporate travel and leisure requirements – whether you need locations sourced, transportation, lodging, dining, entertainment, tickets to sporting events, organizing a one-of-a-kind holiday extravaganza, or simply a romantic picnic in the park.


We offer recommendations based on your preferred level of assistance, and we tailor each service to enhance the experience desired.


If you need a far-flung getaway or just a break in a hectic day, City Sea Lifestyle Concierge creates moments that will last a lifetime



City Sea Lifestyle Concierge offers at-home residential services to perform your day-to-day domestic tasks so you have more time for you.


Our licensed, bonded, and insured contractors will take care of all your domestic-maintenance needs. All approved partners and affiliates are chosen to ensure they reflect the superior quality and outstanding service that our clientele has come to expect from City Sea Lifestyle Concierge.

Find out more regarding these and other domestic services below!



City Sea Lifestyle Concierge is a practical and convenient way to give yourself the gift of time.

Our personal concierge service is designed to enhance your lifestyle – while at home or at work.


A personalized concierge program created for an individual and/or family, will give you the lifestyle you deserve.


We will organize all the things that you don’t have the time or desire to do yourself.

We provide you with personal care solutions that cater to all aspects of your life.


Our services include all levels of support and management: from running personal errands or working on personal development, to planning a special event or chartering a yacht. Our experts will satisfy your day-to-day needs and special requests.


By understanding your lifestyle objectives, both short-term and long-term, City Sea Lifestyle Concierge develops a customized, personal, lifestyle-management plan that works for you. 


Our specialists have the experience, knowledge, and resources to fulfill any request to your exact specifications.

All programs are suited for the individual or family, and we provide superior, personalized service, along with the utmost confidentiality.

We listen to you in order to understand your needs, therefore guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

Craving more time? Calendar needs managing? Finances a chore? Meals need to be planned? Wardrobe outdated? Want to get in shape? Looking for a healthy diet?

Allow City Sea Lifestyle Concierge to let you focus on what you want to do, not what you have to do.



City Sea Lifestyle Concierge has the experience and resources to take your event from concept to reality.


Together with our network of event professionals, we will tailor your event, corporate or personal, to reflect your desires and vision.


Our knowledge and expertise insures flawless design, dedication to detail, on-point budgeting, seamless vendor coordination, and outstanding execution of our clients’ events.


Whether you have a time-sensitive luxury product launch, a golf tournament, an elaborate charity fundraiser, a wedding, a social gathering, an intimate dinner, or a catered celebration, our clients enjoy the highest standards of services, reliability, and customer care.



City Sea Lifestyle Concierge is here to deliver that once-in-a-lifetime experience to you.


We are much more than an extravagant luxury. We are a practical and convenient way to help you save time, increase efficiency, and revitalize your lifestyle.


Our personalized concierge program is designed to enhance your life, both at work and at home, by providing you with any amenity you desire.


We have what it takes to make your dreams a reality.

City Sea Lifestyle Concierge is an indispensable asset in your life. With our bespoke services, we are able to source the most elusive of items, no matter how impossible it might appear.

Our impeccable service is unparalleled. Our team is the best. Our quality is outstanding.


Corporate or personal, big or small, City Sea Lifestyle Concierge will answer all of your “Do you know anyone who can do…?” questions.


Allow City & Sea Lifestyle Concierge to be your first and final point of contact whenever a need arises. Long term or short term, we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

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From unforgettable events, to corporate services, and customer loyalty programs that you can touch and feel...we are passionately committed to connecting families, friends and brand partners through authentic, meaningful experiences. 

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