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13 Places Where You Can See the Bluest Water in the World


By Melissa Locker​

Sometimes all it takes to re-center and refresh your mind and body is a good day (or week — who are we to limit you) of staring off into a tranquil blue sea.

To help you find your inner peace, and catch a few waves and rays while you're at it, we've put together a list of some of the bluest waters in the world. These lakes, seas, beaches, and bays have vistas that range from brilliant navy blues to the lightest, clearest turquoises imaginable. Needless to say, they are the perfect places to reconnect with nature, family, and yourself.



10 Restaurants Worth Planning Trips Around

Indulge in some first-class gastronomical globetrotting

Restaurant Koks.jpg

By Esme Benjamin​

No trip is complete without a memorable meal; in fact, a thoughtful culinary experience can teach you a great deal about the traditions and trends of a city or region. From Scandinavian stalwarts to street-food sensations in Thailand, here are 10 restaurants worth trips around.



Travel Update - March 2022

travelmarch 22.jpg

Why 2021 Will Be the Year of the Travel Advisor

Travel Pulse/Codie Liermann       January 14, 2021

It didn’t take long for people to realize why they should have booked their vacation with a travel advisor this past spring. As the coronavirus pandemic was in its infancy, uncertainty swarmed the travel


By The New York Times
Published Feb. 15, 2022Updated March 8, 2022

As governments across the world loosen coronavirus restrictions and shift their approach to accepting Covid-19 as a manageable part of everyday life, the travel industry is growing hopeful that this will be the year that travel comes roaring back.

Travel agents and operators have reported a significant increase in bookings in recent weeks for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. The World Travel & Tourism Council (W.T.T.C.), which represents the global travel and tourism industry, projects that travel and tourism in the United States will reach prepandemic levels in 2022, contributing nearly $2 trillion to the U.S. economy.


The council also anticipates outbound travel from the United States will increase; it projects bookings over the Easter holiday period to be up by 130 percent over last year. “Our latest forecast shows the recovery significantly picking up this year as infection rates subside and travelers continue benefiting from the protection offered by the vaccine and boosters,” said Julia
Simpson, the president and chief executive officer of the W.T.T.C.


“As travel restrictions ease and consumer confidence returns, we expect a welcome release of pent-up travel and demand.”

While uncertainty remains over the course of the pandemic and government policies on mask mandates and testing requirements for travel, the industry is seeing a strong desire among travelers to take big bucket list trips this year, particularly to far-flung international destinations and European cities.




industry causing airlines to cancel routes, resorts to shut down and destinations to close borders.

People spent countless hours on the phone trying to reach someone, anyone, to assist with their changing reservations. However, those who had a trip booked through a travel advisor simply called the direct line and were in contact with their agent within minutes.

Moving into 2021, travel advisors will be a vital part of the travel booking process. Of course, there are obvious reasons for working with a travel advisor – saving time and money – but this year there are even more important reasons.

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster for the travel industry. After the initial uncertainty, the year consisted of closures, phased reopenings and endless amounts of ever-changing travel restrictions. And these restrictions aren’t the easiest to navigate. Some destinations only allow visitors from certain areas; others need a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival, and certain places even require a specific type of travel insurance.

Not only do travel advisors have this knowledge at the tip of their fingers, but they are continually staying up to date with the changes. For example, the CDC’s recent announcement of requiring a negative COVID 19 test for air travelers entering the United States was enough to cause people to scramble to the phone calling their airline or resort to try and work out the details.

By the time this travel announcement reached your ears, though, agents had already advised all of their clients and provided them the necessary information or assistance if it affected their trip in any way.

Travel advisors also have direct contacts for airlines, resorts and destinations, so it doesn’t take long for them to acquire the details they need. They also ensure their clients have flexible itineraries and are covered with the best insurance plans in case an emergency presents itself.

Working with a travel advisor has always been the way to go, but 2020 brought this to light for many people. If you haven’t worked with an agent in the past, this year is the time to do so.  

City & Sea Lifestyle Concierge travel advisors will be happy to navigate and facilitate your travels.

How to Maintain Client Relationships in Today's Crazy New World

clientretention landscape.jpg

City & Sea/Kevin Morrall      December 20, 2020

In these days of Covid and social distancing, we are all beginning to feel a bit anxious. 

Humans are social animals. We thrive on interacting with each other. In this strange new world that we find ourselves in, it's the companies that stay in touch with their clients in meaningful ways that are set to survive and even thrive.

Customer relations goes way beyond what your company's CRM software offers.

What we're talking about here are the little touches that show you care about them as individuals, not just as a source of income.

When was the last time you sent a note of congratulations to a client on his or her anniversary, or a formal written invite to dinner?

As computers, email, texts and social media have taken over everyone's lives, we need to set ourselves apart in order to be noticed. 

Set yourself far above the rest and show off your

classy side by setting up a program that reaches out to your people in a special way through notes and invites embossed with your individual logo or initials.


Corporate gift giving does not have to be just at the Holidays when it is simply expected. Begin a file on each client that profiles their personality, lifestyle and family. It's easy to jot down notes when you're having a phone conversation and catch up your file later on. Send a memento of your appreciation, a little something to a newly engaged couple or a squeaky toy to a new addition to the pet family.

They don't have to be expensive. They just have to show that you care and that you are connecting with them in a real human way.

The Holidays don't have to be a drudgery of sending out the ubiquitous bottle of wine that tell clients that they are just another number in your ledger. Once your dossiers are in place for each client and employee, it's easy to pick out that special something that shows you pay attention and care.

Don't have time for all of this? Don't worry. City & Sea Lifestyle Concierge has your back. Give us a call and set up your game-changing customer relations program today.

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