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Join the City & Sea Lifestyle and Discover a Whole New You.


Every member has a personal lifestyle manager who is dedicated to fulfilling every request – however big, or small – they are here to help. Your lifestyle manager is here to nurture and build a close-knit relationship with you and to tailor recommendations to your preferences and lifestyle.




As the world reopens, we can help you celebrate life: enjoy more of what
you love—safely—so you will always have the best seat in the house. As a member of our  community, we’ll make sure you’re inspired and have access to the experiences that mean the most to you. Wherever you might be in the world, and whether you’re near or far from home, you’ll stay connected.


We understand that each situation is unique and are proud to be more flexible than we ever have been before. Get in touch; we'd love to learn more about how we can help you and your family.



Over the years, City & Sea has cultivated relationships around the world.

Our first-in-class network of contacts are at your disposal,

ready to help you.

While many of our services are currently on hold due to the pandemic, soon things will begin opening back up. As things begin to come back to normal, we are here to help you safely begin enjoying them again. 



Whether for business or pleasure, domestic or international, we have your back.


From booking all arrangements, getting you to the airport, supplying all safe travel necessities, getting you to your hotel and arranging safe travel

in-country...we are ready whenever you are.

We're just a phone call away



A lot has changed in the dining-out world.

Check in with us for your dream night out. We will scout out the best, safest restaurants for your special evening and make all the arrangements so that your time can be spent enjoying each other, worry-free



When your world is ready to open back up, we're ready to help you get back out there.

From getting you into exclusive upcoming events, to helping you set up your next charity fund-raiser, City & Sea helps get you where you need to go,

in style

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Thanks for joining the City & Sea family. We will reach out to you shortly to discuss how we can be of help.

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From unforgettable events, to corporate services, and customer loyalty programs that you can touch and feel...we are passionately committed to connecting families, friends and brand partners through authentic, meaningful experiences. 

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"Just Ask"

Call 917-399-3033

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